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SoftwareHackintosh Big Sur 11.3.0
Added by: BaDshaH | Date: 8-05-2021, 15:09

Hackintosh Big Sur 11.3.0
macOS 11.3 for your PC

Apple today announced macOS Big Sur , the latest version of one of the world's most advanced desktop operating systems. The great design of macOS Big Sur has changed significantly from previous versions of macOS, but it is still recognizable. Safari has many new features such as a customizable start page, beautifully designed and functional tabs, the ability to quickly and easily translate, and a new privacy report. The redesigned Messages gives Mac users the ability to send and receive more personal and expressive messages, and to easily communicate and follow group conversations. Maps also has brand new amazing features that make it easy to travel and explore the world.

Hackintosh- these are not assemblies, this is any computer not manufactured by Apple running OS X. The system can be a "native store" (Retail), tied to a line of computers (disks included with a computer), a modified assembly or an image of an installed system with appropriate changes. This does not change the essence of the matter, all the hardware that is not produced by Apple is "Hackintosh". Better, worse, the same is unimportant.

The main innovations in macOS Big Sur:

Most significant design update since Mac OS X.
The new design of macOS Big Sur gives you a spacious feel and simplifies navigation, while keeping controls close at hand. Every detail - from the rounded corners of the windows to the colors and textures - is well thought out, and new features give users even more information and possibilities. The icons in the Dock are designed to match those of other devices in the Apple ecosystem, while retaining the personality of your Mac. Buttons and controls appear on the screen when they are needed and disappear when they are not needed. The system is designed to help the user focus on the task at hand. The design has been updated, yet easily recognizable, and the lack of unnecessary details helps to focus on the content.
The Custom Menu Bar has a completely revamped Control Center that provides access to controls directly from the desktop. The new Action Center displays more interactive notifications and updated widgets in different sizes to get you the information you need right away. And the new design of the main applications allows you to better control the numerous open windows and makes it easier to work with the applications themselves.

Safari is faster, customizable, and privacy-friendly.
This is the most significant update to Safari since its inception in 2003. The blazing fast browser is now even faster, setting a new standard for speed1 and battery life.2 Thanks to its fast jаvascript engine, Safari outperforms other Mac and PC browsers and loads popular sites on average 50% faster than Chrome.1 Updated Tabs Safari makes your experience faster and easier with more tabs on the screen, and icons for favorites are displayed by default to make it easier to tell which site is open on which tab. In addition, users can preview a web page simply by hovering over a tab.
New features in Safari give you the ability to further customize your web browsing experience. Users can personalize the start page by setting a background image and customizing sections such as Reading List and iCloud Tabs. The built-in translation function allows you to translate entire web pages from seven languages ​​in Safari with just one click. For additional personalization, users can use extensions - they are easy to find and download in a special section of the Mac App Store, where expert recommendations and top charts are presented.
Data protection has always been a core feature of Safari. New privacy reports show how Safari is taking steps to protect users while browsing the Internet. Users decide which sites and in which situations Safari extensions work. And tools such as password security controls ensure your passwords aren't recognized by anyone, not even Apple.

Functional and expressive Messages.
Messages on Mac has new tools to help you keep track of important conversations and send more meaningful messages. Now favorite conversations can be pinned to the top of the message list for quick access. And the improved search function allows you to group results by the presence of links, photos or other characteristics in them, so that it is easier to find what you need.
Message effects (such as balloons, confetti, and more) let you add personality to your messages. Users can create and customize their own Memoji, express their feelings and express their character using Memoji stickers. And the new photo picker and #images hashtag help you quickly share images, videos and GIFs.
New group messaging features make it even easier to chat with family, friends, and colleagues. Reply chains allow you to reply to a specific message, and to address a message to a specific group member, you just need to type their name. In addition, you can now set photos or emojis for group conversations that will be visible to all members of the group.

Brand new planning tools in Maps.
The Maps app has been completely redesigned for macOS Big Sur with new travel and exploration features. Experienced travel guides can help you find interesting sights and things to do in your new city. You can also create your own travel guides to your favorite restaurants, parks, and vacation spots and share them with friends and family. The "Look around" function will help you navigate your destination, which gives you a 360-degree view. In addition, the application contains detailed maps of the premises of the largest airports and shopping centers. You can also create routes for a bike ride or an electric car on your Mac, and then send them to your iPhone so that they are always at hand.

Highest level of data protection.
Privacy is one of the foundational characteristics of a Mac. The macOS Big Sur operating system offers users even more transparency and control and data protection capabilities. Similar to the easy-to-understand nutritional value descriptions found on grocery labels in a brick-and-mortar store, privacy information has now been added to the Mac App Store so that users can evaluate the app's data protection technologies before downloading it to their Mac. These "labels" explain what types of data the apps can collect (for example, app usage data, contacts, or location data) and tell you if this data is being shared with third parties for tracking purposes.

First-class developer tools.
The Apple developer community is over 20 million people who use Mac to create amazing apps for iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS. Xcode 12 makes it even easier to create great macOS apps. The vastly redesigned SwiftUI app allows developers to create shared code apps that work great on all Apple platforms, and easily add native Mac features such as preferences to them. Plus, you can now use SwiftUI for even more tasks and extend the capabilities of Mac, iPhone, and iPad widgets with shared Swift code.
The Mac Catalyst app was introduced to macOS Catalina last year. It makes it easier for developers to adapt apps for the Mac that were originally created for the iPad. In macOS Big Sur, the Mac Catalyst has a redesign and new functionality. Mac Catalyst now offers powerful new APIs for developers and gives them full control over the look and feel of their applications.
Developers can now use Family Sharing for subscriptions and purchases in their apps. And with support for the WebExtensions API, developers can easily port extensions created for other browsers to Safari.
System requirements:

Installed Windows
Intel processor
2 GB of RAM

Hackintosh Big Sur 11.3.0 image (12.43 GB):



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